Wednesday, 20 January 2010

for gods sakes (a brief two-o-one-o catch up)



I moved house, about two weeks ago now. in a word it was: horrific. I don't think i'll be moving for a while.

I don't think its smart driving home with a blown up tire. Unfortunately i wasn't aware it had blown up- fortunately the police didn't see, didn't pull me over and i didn't get 3 points ( the apparent punishment). I did however have to get a new tyre because for some reason the spare tyre you get isn't actually the same as the tyre on your car-that i simply do not understand. £100 down the drain what fun that was and how much luck i seem to have with my beloved car. Oh i don't think i mentioned that due to the move my car insurance has gone up. by double. f a n t a s t i c .

I dropped a chair on my toe and it really hurt- it has gone a funny purple colour and it bled for a little while. Its definitely looking much better but its still purple, im sure it never used to be that colour so im guessing its still bruised. it could possibly fall off, im not sure, maybe it wont.

And for the pièce de résistance some disgusting chavy drug dealer boy spat in my face. Thats always a winner, im always delighted when that happens, there's nothing quite like someone's sticky beer saliva in your face. All because i wouldn't let him grope me- male pride is an interesting thing.