Thursday, 26 November 2009


I certainly do not appreciate being pulled over by a couple of insignificant police men and made to feel like a murderer over a tiny mistake regarding insurance that I do in actual fact have. It’s certainly not the crime of the century “car insurance”- I mean, really... I may in my younger years, or so I was told not to my delight, slightly resembled a certain Myra Hindley but still, the operative word is slightly, and rest assured if at all looks is the only thing we have in common.

Well well I said, is this going somewhere, is something actually wrong, am I being accused of anything of severity as right now I think id remember if I stole my car and then nipped out to the local bank and screamed at the top of my lungs, everybody be cool this is a robbery, any of you fucking pricks move and i'll execute every mother fucking last one of ya

- oHh my car isn’t in my name?

Isn’t it your responsibility to know that a finance car won’t be in my name being that you drive around all day chasing people who you believe don’t have insurance. Don’t you have a duty and public responsibility to show some etiquette and demonstrate social skills, basic ones...please and thank you - No?

- oHh guilty until proven otherwise?

NO I am not intimidated by your puney presence and NO don’t try to exert your bravado on me young man. Bullying and abuse of power in a social circumstance when you should be carrying out a public service will not bode well avec moi.

Back off mr police man, its not my fault that you have nothing better to do, its not my fault that you’re not actually good enough at your job to be taken seriously by co workers and colleagues down at the ol’ nick so through your aggressive behavior towards helpless women you try to feel like something and perhaps someone, like you have a purpose. I sympathize really I do….no, no actually I don’t. So I will complain, I will call the chief inspector, I will complain to the independent police complaint commission, OH and I nearly forgot, did I mention I’m going to write to my local mp, Dianne Abbot, I’m sure she’d love to hear all about it.

Police and their lack of care towards the public, lovely.