Friday, 9 October 2009

er how about cheering up a little bit

wHY is everyone so God damn miserable all the bloody time?! i cant drive around the corner without being flashed/ tooted, or getting hurled abuse at by some sort of driver and/or pedestrian oh lets not exclude cyclists either. No lady this is a road not a pavement so remove the scowl and try crossing when its a green man, no mr angry driver i didn't cut you up, when you have to speed to close a gap i think you'll find that the rapid decrease in speed you have to make is your own fault, no mr cyclist your in the wrong as cars don't drive in and out of lorries so sorry i didn't see you until you were nearly on my bonnet when i drove forward in a lane with congested traffic and you cycled across the road the wrong way, how about learning to cycle properly, no, i didn't open my door at the wrong time, i think you'll find that your little girl wasn't looking where she was going, people who are vertically challenged can not be seen in car mirrors of a certain height, and why was she cycling on the pavement anyway, and why weren't you keeping an eye on her and making sure she doesn't cycle next to all the parked cars where at some point a driver is bound to get out. She wasn't hurt, you got your apology so how about cheering up a little hey (also refer to my blog below)! Mr driver calm down i'm indicating, there's no where for you to go anyway and obviously a space of which i am just about to reverse into on my right, dont flash me you idiot, just calm down take some deep breaths, relax take a break or a kitkat if you'd prefer and try cheering up a little bit.

wHY is everyone so God damn miserable all the bloody time?